WEKO3 Library System for HELP University

We installed and setup WEKO3, an open source library system, so HELP University can modernize their library management.


Installation & Setup


2 Months


3 Members




Education Management

Areas of Improvement

UI/UX Design
Information Management
About the Project

WEKO3 Setup and Installation for HELP University

We customised a newly set up WEKO3 system, implemented on the Microsoft Azure, with upgraded security, and custom UI design.

New Features

SMTP Integration
Document Filters
Active Directory Login
URL Encryption

Development Methodology

Testing Methods

User Acceptance Testing
Performance Testing
Stress Testing
QA Testing

Problems Solved

HELP University wanted a new library system with better features, easy resource management, simplified user login, improved security, and SMTP integration for automated email alerts.
Outdated System
No Digital System
WEKO3 Limitations

WEKO3 Installation and Set up

We designed the system for good accessibility, and usability for widgets, and to reflect their brand’s visual style consistently.

Customized Design

HELP University wanted a custom design that reflected their branding throughout the new digital library mangement system.

SMTP Integration for Email Alerts

We integrated SMTP with the new system to send scheduled, automated, or manual email alerts to staff members and patrons.

How We Made this Project a Success

Customising Open Source Software

This project required us to change some functionality within WEKO3. That's why we collaborated with WEKO's Japanese team to take inputs, and then implement them as custom solutions.

Standardised Processes

We used the Waterfall Methodology to build this WEKO3 system. We started by making a User Requirement Specifications (URS) doc, followed by a development phase, and then moved to extensive testing.

Assuring Quality through Testing

We employed a number of testing methods to deliver a bug-free system, and ensure the imported data was valid, the system could handle activity surges.We also conducted guided testing sessions to train the client on how they can self-test the new system.

Tools Used

Google Analytics
MS Project and Visio
Apache JMeter

What We Did

Cloud Setup
Custom Software Development
Software Testing
Market Relevance

Affordable Quality Education Provider

Based in Kuala Lumpur, HELP University is well-known for providing high quality education along with distance learning MBA programmes. They are also popular as an established offshore centre for international universities.