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Taking LMS™ To The Next Level

We help users of the world’s most widely-used Learning Management System to enhance their experience with the software. Through our LMS Customization services, we offer multiple ways of ensuring your LMS™ meets your every needs.

Confidently Meeting All Your LMS™ Needs

Plugin Development
We develop custom plugins to add extra features to your LMS™.
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LMS™ Setup
First time setting up an LMS ? We'll help you set it up in no time.
LMS™ Themes Design
Bring new life to your LMS™ with the latest look and design.
LMS™ Infrastructure
Keep your existing software as we integrate your LMS™ into them.
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LMS™ Upgrades
Enjoy the latest version of your LMS™ has to offer by upgrading to the latest version.
LMS™ Training
We provide training so you can make the best out of your LMS™
Course Info
Shows course info retrieved from an external database.
Attendance Sync
Syncs Student Attendance from your LMS™ into an external database.
Student Mark Sync
Syncs student mark from your LMS™ Gradebook into an external database.
Data Retention
Auto archives, purge, and restores courses every semester.
Performance Dashboard
Records lecturers and students academic performance.
Payment Gateway
Integrates with your preferred payment gateway.
Plugin Development
Some of our most commonly asked-for Plugins we've developed.

Keep What You Have

Our LMS Customization is integrable with your existing systems

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