Contractor Permit Management System

An automated system to manage, review, and engage contractors, workers and their permits.

Made for universities,
designed for efficiency

Manage Contractors

Get features that give you control over contractor accounts, permits, and worker lists.

Manage Permits

Our 2-layer approval system ensures a robust and rigorous application review process for different permit types.

All-in-One Solution

From contractors permits and engagement, to documentation and reviews, all in one place.

The whole nine yards of
contractor management

Built for institutes who want a robust system to review and manage every aspect of hiring, and managing contractors for on-campus work.

Security and privacy compliant
Used by southeast asia's #1 private university
Great customer support

Easily manage contractors, workers, and their validity

Collect worker permits
Company accounts for contractors
Renewal permits or give extensions
Blacklist unwanted contractors

Use existing templates, or build entirely new forms

Form templates for permits, extensions, and renewals
Create new forms with form builder
Auto assign approver for form types
Special form fields for risk level identification

Manage applications for permits

Registered contractors can apply for permits online
Maintain historic records of contractor applications
Contractors can copy/paste existing applications
Create checklists for reviews based on permit type

Get data-driven insights through details reports

Monthly reports of all applications
Summary report by permit type and contractor
Audit logs to record all activities

Notify contractors, your staff, and other stakeholders

Application related updates for contractors
Approval notifications for and from staff
Notification control for admins
Dedicated contractor accounts

Easy registration & PDF permits for contractors

Let contractors create company accounts and add their workers as users within their company. Provide permits in PDFs for easy use.

Choose who can apply

Control which contractors can apply for permits

The system has a feature whereby the admin users can toggle on/off the feature to allow any contractor to submit permit applications.
Manage worker permits

Keep updated permit docs from local & foreign workers

You can let contractors add new workers to their list, along with permit documents and other necessary information.

Make permits ops incredibly easy

The Platform

Easy Application Process

Start by inviting contractors to register by creating a new account.
The Platform

Collect Applications

Once signed in, contractors can apply online for different permit types by filling out their respective forms.
The Platform

Process Applications Faster

Thoroughly review and approve permit applications that are managed by a 2-layer system.
The Process

Accept Applications

Assign permits to contractors and workers both digitally, and through printable PDFs.
System integration

Unified staff login through Active Directory integrations

Your staff members can use their existing login details to sign into the ePermit system without having to create any new accounts.


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