Koha 22.11 Rosalie: Discover the Latest Features in Just 5 Minutes

March 6, 2023

The latest release of the beloved ILS, Koha, is here - and it's a game-changer. Named after Rosalie Blake, version 22.11 honors the esteemed Head Librarian at Horowhenua Library Trust during the inception of Koha. But don't let the sweet tribute trick you - this Koha update packs a serious punch.

Released on the 25th of November, 2022, Koha 22.11 is a veritable treasure trove of new features, bug fixes, and enhancements that will take your library experience to new heights. Whether you're a dedicated library staff member or a book-loving patron, this update promises to deliver the ultimate library experience.

So, let's explore what's new in Koha by delving into the updates and new features.

1. Authentication

(i) Enforcing 2FA

Rijksmuseum from the Netherlands has sponsored this feature update. This update enhances Koha's security as it adds a new option called 'enforce' to the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) system. If you chose this option, your library staff will not be able to log in without setting up 2-factor authentication.

(ii) OAuth2/OIDC Implementation

This update, sponsored by ByWater Solutions, adds a new way to integrate Koha with an OAuth2/OIDC provider. This update will let you set up more protocols and prioritize authentication methods.

2. Cataloging

(i) Store item values as a template for new items

This new feature of Koha version 22.11 allows librarians to store and reuse "item templates" with preset values for one or more fields. Templates can be applied per item or for the logged-in session. They can also be shared as read-only or edited by those with manage_item_editor_templates permission.

(ii) Group items for records

This feature enables libraries to group specific items within a record. To use this feature, libraries can enable the new system preference called "EnableItemGroups". Once enabled, libraries can create a named group and add items from the same record to it. A new tab will appear on the record display for items that are part of a group.

3. Circulation

(i) Ability to hold item groups

This feature allows you to place holds on groups of items within the same record, such as all items of a specific volume. Once a hold is placed, only items of the requested group will be eligible to fill the hold. To enable this feature, use the new EnableItemGroupHolds system preference. Additionally, managing item groups requires EnableItemGroups preference.

(ii) Curbside pickup module

Sponsored by the Association KohaLa.

This module empowers library staff and patrons to oversee curbside pickups from both the OPAC and staff interface. It introduces a novel configuration page to the administration module, thereby enabling each library in an installation to establish its unique regulations and time slots for scheduling pickups.

4. ERM

(i) Improved Electronic Resource Management

Sponsored by BibLibre, ByWater Solutions, and PTFS Europe.

This improved ERM module streamlines the management of electronic resources. These resources comprise, among others, electronic journals, electronic books, streaming media, databases, datasets, CD-ROMs, and computer software.

5. Patrons

(i) User-definable patron restrictions

Supported by Koha-Suomi Oy and Loughborough University.

This new Koha feature introduces a new configuration page to the administration module, which facilitates the management of user-defined and Koha internal patron restrictions. By enabling the new system preference PatronRestrictionTypes, patrons can be manually restricted, and the restriction type can be chosen accordingly.

6. Searching

(i) Ability to save searches as catalog filters

Sponsored by Round Rock Public Library.

This patchset introduces the ability to save searches on the staff client, which can be displayed alongside facets as a search filter on the results page. The feature can be enabled/disabled using the new system preference SavedSearchFilters. Users can add new filters from the results page and manage them using an admin page for updating, deleting, and renaming filters. The new manage_search_filters permission allows controlling filter management.

Furthermore, custom links can be built by adding new filters that aren't displayed with facets, reducing the length of URLs.

7. Staff Interface

(i) CMS feature

Sponsored by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and Horowhenua Libraries Trust.

This Koha update leverages the additional contents feature to incorporate custom pages in the staff interface and the OPAC, which can be presented in the preferred language of the user.

(ii) Staff interface redesign

After conducting an extensive evaluation of the staff interface user experience, a team comprising of librarians, designers, and developers has diligently worked towards revitalizing, modernizing, and improving consistency in the interface.

The 16 Most Notable Enhancements You Must Know

Koha update 22.11 Rosalie brings several enhancements to its Acquisitions module, providing users with an improved experience. Here is a list of these enhancements:

  1. The uncertain prices page now includes a linked basket name and an edit button in a separate column, making it easier to view and edit baskets. (Sponsored by Catalyst)
  2. Users can now specify an estimated delivery date per order line, which will also be used for searching and exporting late orders. Estimated delivery dates can also be edited from the late orders page. (Sponsored by Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg (BSZ))
  3. Fund updates can now be made after receipt, allowing for better financial management.
  4. Title information, including the remainder of the title/subtitle, medium, part name, and part number, are now displayed on several pages throughout the acquisitions module.
  5. The advanced search form now includes ISSN as a search option, and users can search for ISSN with or without the hyphen.
  6. The circulation overdue page now includes a “Return claims” column, which can be displayed or hidden using the column settings options.
  7. A new vendor-type field has been added to the vendor creation/editing page, which can be a free text field or a drop-down menu.
  8. Users can now define additional fields to store information about vendor invoices, configure the fields, and search for them in the acquisitions module. (Sponsored by The Research University in the Helmholtz Association (KIT))
  9. A new English 1-page layout has been added for exporting basket groups as PDF.
  10. OPAC purchase suggestions can now be limited by excluding certain patron categories using the suggestionPatronCategoryExceptions system preference. (Sponsored by Catalyst)
  11. A non-public notes field has been added to the suggestions tables in the staff interface, which is configurable using the table settings.
  12. The basket’s internal note is now displayed in tables on the vendor search result list.
  13. Select2 has been added to the fund selection in the new order form, making it easier to select funds.
  14. The order received page has been optimized to be faster on systems with many budgets.
  15. The GetImportsRecordRange function has been removed from acqui/addorderiso2709.
  16. The basket number is now logged as an object when an email order is sent.

Parting Thoughts

Koha update 22.11 Rosalie represents a significant and noteworthy release that promises to elevate the library management experience. Koha 22.11 is a highly desirable upgrade for libraries of all sizes. It comes with a suite of new features and enhancements spanning various facets of library operations, including authentication, cataloging, circulation, ERM, patrons, searching, and staff interface.

Through various usability improvements, Koha 22.11 Rosalie promises to deliver a user-friendly experience to librarians, simplifying the management of their systems. To learn more about the benefits and capabilities of Koha 22.11 Rosalie, we encourage you to explore the Koha 22.11 release notes, where you can access comprehensive information and resources related to this release.

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